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Summer Mortality Series

Conversations about death, for a better life.

Welcome, Friends and Future Spirits!

Join Ulven Coaching for a thought-provoking summer lecture series where we delve into the profound topic of death and its impact on our lives. In this series of engaging discussions, we will explore various aspects of mortality, aiming to foster a healthier and more meaningful relationship with the inevitable. Let's embrace these conversations as a pathway to a more fulfilled existence.

Preparing for Goodbye: Preplanning for Pet Death

Learn the steps and options for preparing for your pet's death. 

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Disposition Options: What to Do with the Body?

There is more available than just burial or cremation for your remains. Learn about all the new and exciting options.

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Tea Time for Your Grief

Learn about adaptogen herbal teas and how to use a tea time ritual to process grief.

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Hi! I'm Melissa Ulven.

I'm a death-positive project manager and a constantly curious individual. I believe that everyone has the ability to complete the projects that matter most to them, given the right tools and support. It is my goal to offer relaxed, inclusive, and fun education and resources to help you achieve your goals.

Apply to join a free live training and start your death planning journey without fear!

Do you want to leave your family with a legacy but you don't know where to start?

  • Do you worry about how your family will cope after you die?
  • Do you want to talk about death plans for a loved one, but don't know how?
  • Are you confused about the options for legal documents like wills and trusts?
  • Are you afraid of not leaving behind the right guidance for your family?
  • Does the thought of death scare you, but you know you need to have some plans in place?


Give your family peace and clarity.

Apply now to get access to our Lasting Legacy Framework and start your death planning without fear.

This free training will introduce you to our Death Planning 101 course.

Death Planning 101 is an 8-week class where we will:

  • Discover internment options that go beyond burial and cremation.
  • Uncover the right legal documents that will leave your family with clarity.
  • Identify and work on all the tasks required to build a helpful death plan.
  • Learn to have better conversations about grief and death.
  • Build a memoir-like legacy for your family about your life.
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Yes, I want to plan without fear! Apply for the free training and learn about the Death Planning 101 class.

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